Since launching the SNG franchise network in 2018, SNG has rapidly
become one of the fastest growing business support services in the UK – and demand is growing.

Why should you buy a SNG franchise?
We make winning easy with the SNG Franchise. This venture gives you the opportunity to run your own business with recurring income. In addition to providing excellent customer service, most of our franchisees possess a dedicated attitude to succeed and seize opportunities as they present themselves.
Choosing the hours and days you want to work when you want. If you choose to attend the networking meetings in your territory (and we strongly recommend that you do), you would need to schedule at least one meeting per week.
It's your business, you're the boss. However, you are not on your own, SNG is always on hand to offer help and support to you. Using 'The SNG Way' as a guide, you are able to manage your daily activities with ease, giving you the freedom to enjoy your daily routine.
You'll generate a great new income on your own terms. Despite part-time hours, you can earn a 'full-time' income from £2,000 - £4,000.
You cannot put a price on your new improved quality of life for YOU and YOUR family, which is often more important than all the other benefits. You will experience improved relationships, better health, and a greater sense of well being with a better quality of life.
You just need to speak to any of our Regional Directors (franchisees) to understand the fun that they have as a franchisee. The meetings are motivational, inspirational and fun and the Regional Directors, who get together frequently at Regional Development Days and can honestly say that they have fun running their business.
You’ll have a huge feeling of pride in what you are doing for the women in your local community. Financial benefits are just one part of the great difference on your life, the confidence you develop as a result of supporting and inspiring women in business is immeasurable.
You’ll be a respected member of your community. You will find, as I did, that you become the mentor to women who have struggled to build their business previously and by providing them with a simple forum to promote their business, create connections and inspire each other attracts the respect of these ladies. You are still part of a team … whenever you feel a member presents you with a dilemma you don’t feel qualified to support we are on the end of the telephone.
You can create a strong part-time business that will continue to grow year on year and generate a great ongoing income. Approximately 90% of our members renew their membership, which means that you can project your earnings in future years effectively
There are several of our franchisors with multiple territories and others are talking about taking on another territory... you might think that means workers would be working longer hours. Nope! Whether they attend the meeting or not, their groups will have been organized so that the meetings will run smoothly.
Feeding Your Business
'Feeding' Your Business It is commonly known that if you want to learn you should teach. From my experience if you want to learn how to network with excellence then running a networking organisation is certainly the most effective way to learn
You can connect and network with other business owners nearby and nationally.
Establish new relationships with businesses in your network to grow your customer base.
You'll find new lead opportunities by approaching people you trust and who know the types of customers who need your products or services. 'Feeding' Your Business As a general rule, if you wish to learn, you should teach. Running a networking organization is certainly the best way to learn how to network with excellence from my experience
Discover and share news about new products and services, events, promotions and more from nearby businesses.
Local groups are screened for quality business owners so that the leads you receive are genuinely from them.

About Us

SNG was established in 2018 as specialist SME strategic planning and business support provider, led its founders Santosh and Paul.

Noticing a gap in affordable business advice and support services for small and medium sized businesses, Matt and Rod set out to use many of their diagnostic, strategic training advisory and recruitment tools they’d developed over the years with great success. This resulted in SNG.

Businesses in towns and cities across the UK require the services of a SNG. SNG is seeking to meet this need by establishing SNG throughout the country.

What We Do

Our aim is to create a national network of talented and enterprising individuals who share our commitment to helping UK businesses succeed.

Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are anxious to adopt the same business growth strategies used by large corporations to great success. This includes the use of outside expertise. Unfortunately, consultancy services cannot simply be scaled down for SMEs.

SNG provide small and medium size businesses with a host of proprietary programmes designed to help them develop effective strategic plans, improve their organisational efficiency, involve their staff in organisational change and master their supply chain.

Earn £52K+ Part-Time As A SNG Franchisee AND Run Your Own Business!

Designed to offer a business and a lifestyle opportunity to people who are looking for a simple, proven, affordable, and compact business opportunity

Could you be a SNG Expert ?

Strategic thinking. Strong business insight. Dedication and commitment. These are some of the qualities our SNG experts all share . If you think this could be you, get in touch today.

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