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Having a Passion for People is not for everyone, however if you do possess this trait then you may have found the perfect opportunity.

As a result of our success and over three years of running these wonderful networking groups, we are glad to offer other business people the opportunity to make a difference and run their own group

Talk to us face to face

We know that many businesses are suffering and face-to-face contact has been reduced or eliminated. Finding the right company to talk to about the right services can be challenging. Our experience with pandemics and lockdowns has shown us how even greater challenges exist. Sales meetings are becoming less common as communication tools like Skype, chat, and email are replacing face-to-face meetings. However, they have not gone away, and they probably won't either.

Meetings are a daily occurrence in business, from a five minute internal chat with the team to a lengthy client management meeting. Meetings like these offer an opportunity to catch up, exchange ideas and explore opportunities. The success of any project or job depends on the success of communication in the team or work partnership. Nothing can replace the effects of sitting at the same table with someone and talking.

Therefore, we have launched an easy way for businesses to book a face-to-face meeting with us to discuss their business needs and how we might be able to help. You can book an initial consultation with us below by clicking the button. We will work around your home school schedule and schedule the time that works best for you.

The advantages of face-to-face meetings
There are six reasons that face-to-face meetings are often better than online meetings:

  • Getting to know someone is easier and you can build a rapport easily

  • You can better understand the other person's mood, desires, and hesitations

  • It's more personal and The feeling is more intimate

  • This is more efficient, because you can have an in-depth conversation rather than sending multiple e-mails back and forth

  • This increases your chances of keeping the other person's attention

  • You can mirror their body language, which helps you gain their trust and put them at ease

  • Your chances of miscommunication are reduced

Value of Face to Face Meetings
With the rise of Social Media, we are experiencing more aspects of relationship building through our screens now than ever before. Consequently, we have grown apathetic about the value of face-to-face communication.

Having face-to-face interactions with your client shows your commitment and effort. Traveling for a face-to-face meeting may not always be convenient, but it shows that you are serious about the work that you do. It is especially important if you are meeting with a client for the first time. Meeting in person enables you to become acquainted much more easily, while allowing you to become familiar with body language and have an open line of communication. Through this method, both parties have a better chance of building relationships that will benefit both parties.

When you have an in-person meeting, you tend to be more productive since you're not distracted by slow internet or other distractions. Showing documents or notes in person allows you to see their reaction first-hand if you have documents or notes to show.