Let's talk on Video

Take advantage of video conferencing to maximize your workday. We know that many businesses are suffering and face-to-face contact has been reduced or eliminated. Finding the right company to talk to about the right services can be challenging. Our experience with pandemics and lockdowns has shown us how even greater challenges exist. Thanks to online tools. Business meetings are becoming less common as communication tools like Skype, chat, and email are replacing face-to-face meetings.

Knowing all these challenges, we have launched an easy way for businesses to book a Video Call with us to discuss their business needs and how we might be able to help. You can book an initial consultation with us below by clicking the button. We will work around your home school schedule and schedule the time that works best for you.

Why to have a Video Call

Despite all the advantages of face-to-face meetings, there are also many advantages to a video call or a virtual meeting, and there is a reason for the popularity of video calling.

  • In theory, you can accomplish more with the instant nature of the call.

  • It also gives you the opportunity to speak more about your projects. For example, if you have a client meeting at 1 pm, you might use the hour you would be traveling to prepare for the meeting and the hour back to review, discuss with colleagues, and write notes.

  • You are also able to communicate with multiple clients on the same day, thus increasing productivity.

  • It can be hard to find dates and times when everyone is free to meet face-to-face for a group meeting if you all live in different places. This can cause projects to be delayed. Most people have 30 minutes free during the day, so it is convenient to have a Zoom call.

Making the Most of a Video Meeting
There are several ways to ensure that you get the most out of your Zoom or Teams meeting. It's inevitable that some meetings will take place online, so it's important to learn how to leverage these tools.

  • Check your computer's microphone and speaker before the meeting and sit in a position that is comfortable for you.
  • Avoid slumping on the sofa when you are working from home. You'll look unprofessional and feel unmotivated.
  • Sit down at a table and use a chair that supports you. If you want to work on another window, consider taking notes on a pad and pen.
  • Make sure others know when and where you will be in a meeting to minimize distractions.
  • Speaking clearly in the meeting will facilitate an easier time understanding each other.
  • You might want to give the participants a copy of the agenda beforehand. As a result, everyone is on the same page during the meeting. Having a schedule also allows delegates to know who is sharing/talking when.
  • Almost all video-calling software includes a screen-sharing function, so you can show participants notes and media.