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Find Us On Web is an unique business services provider, offering a one stop solution for all the key business growth needs for local businesses. At Find Us On Web, we have discovered a simple and better way to generate more savings, more customers, more sales offering exceptional business growth and improved cashflow for our business customers. With our simple strategies, anyone can achieve this with less stress. Our dedicated local business managers work with local businesses at every stage of their success journey, ensuring that at the end of each of the customer’s goals, our customers feel more than successful and they feel prosperous. Our proven strategies offer local businesses and their business development team the ability to enjoy complete peace of mind, financial independence, security, good health and an enjoyable social life. Our key principle is to offer a business environment locally where people want to do business with us (and our business managers) and even more people consider us as a friend while working with us. We offer many tools to local businesses such as online digital marketplace, free and premium advertising , marketing and promotional media, optimised lead generation tools, business speed networking events, trade shows, award nights, PR & business growth services and last, but not least growth management strategies and business planning sessions. Our local business managers are helping the aspiring local businesses, who are looking for improved cashflow, more savings, more customers, more sales. They are also helping them to connect and network with each other!
Our VISION is to become an expert business services provider globally and hold the best business advisor position offering a one stop solution for all the business growth needs of the local businesses by working with the businesses, for the businesses and by the businesses.

Our MISSION is to constantly earn a prestigious respect and admiration by promoting collaborative working relations within the local business community and create a value for them while making a positive difference

FindUsOnWeb has been created by industry experts who have assisted buyers and sellers of businesses for over 20 years. This business model is centred around aspiring business owners who are local and looking for a tremendous increase in their sales and grow their business in a sustainable manner for short, medium and long term.
We at FindUsOnWeb, are making a huge impact on local businesses around us by bringing them guaranteed more savings, guaranteed more customers, guaranteed more sales and guaranteed more growth with the help of our most effective tools such as the “Connect and Network’ program, the “Monthly Speed Networking”, the “Business Buzz” program, the “Local Trade Show” and The “Award Nights”. The local business managers are always available just on the other end of the phone to help them fulfil their needs and achieve their goals

The Background

Promoters of FindUsOnWeb are seasoned entrepreneurs and have been engaged in various businesses across the world. They have been involved in business since 2007 and manage to build successful business based on their own strategy and referrals. During the early phase of their business growth, when they wanted to focus on their core strength of delivering operational services, much of their time was consumed by account management and business development activities. Promoters planned to outsource the sales, marketing and business development activities to the experts allowing the promoters to spend more time and focus on their core business activities. At that time, they engaged with the first business development provider in Portsmouth, who always referred to themselves as an expert business development organisation. Their sales department promised to deliver multi million pound business deals in 3 months time but their delivery team failed miserably without generating a single penny in return. Not only the majority of such providers always manage to get a way out due to their small print clauses, but also companies lose thousands and thousand of pounds in these trials. Even after this the promoters of FindUsOnWeb, did not stop there, since they were determined to execute their plan, they approached next provider in Ireland followed by many other in UK, but the results were the same viz. NO RESULT. They did not get the desired results from these experts and lost their hard earned money without meeting their expectations. Other major issues with such companies were, none of them were willing to guarantee their result but always wanted the payment upfront. None of them were confident enough to generate the income for the promoter’s business first and then take their share from the revenue generated. There are many such companies in the local business community who will be spending a fortune without guaranteed results. A major section of businesses will not even be able to afford and try this approach but those who try it would be losing their hard earned money and reach a stage of poor cashflow in short and medium term forcing their business to have either no growth or to shut the door permanently. Promoters of FindUsOnWeb soon realised the need of a solution where local businesses do not have to spend fortune to achieve their desired results. Ultimately helping the companies to stay away from such providers who need the heavy duty fees paid upfront but guarantee no results.

The Need

Based on various data analysis and reports such as business death and birth rate, promoters of FindUsOnWeb soon realised that there are many businesses which are being forced to closed down in first few years of trading. Promoters studied the reports from UK companies and came to establish that since year 2000 every year constantly, around 81-83% of businesses fail and go out of the market for various reasons. They also realised that it is a common ratio of failure across the whole globe. In order to help and support the local businesses in the community, they planned to launch business services along with a technology marketplace which would help the businesses connect, network and guarantee business growth without spending a fortune. It would also help to achieve the same result in a very cost effectively manner or by spending no money at all. After deeper study of the marketplace, the promoters of FindUsOnWeb found that every years there are millions and millions of businesses starting with brilliant products, services and ideas but forced to close down their operations in first 18 to 24 months due to some key challenges. The key challenges identified during this research and analysis are given as follows
  • Unable to make noise and create a buzz
  • Unable to market and promote
  • Unable to sell the products/services or offerings
  • Poor cashflow and last but not least
  • Lack of planning and business strategy

Become part of one of the fastest growing B2B communities locally to attract more customers and increase your sales at no upfront cost. We are conquistador who liberate the undiscovered, set boundaries for safe play, and build fortresses where dream can be realised.
We create, protect and conquer the future with extreme respect, reverence to the past.
Back in 2013, when the thought of this services came in existence after realising the deep pain in finding a right business development partner who can take the full responsibility of fulfilling their promise to bring guaranteed customers , guaranteed sales & honouring their promises of guaranteed growth to our sister concern companies on a NO WIN NO FEES basis with absolutely NO UPFRONT COST before generating the real result, we knew that THIS VENTURE WAS NEVER DESTINED TO BE A TRADITIONAL SALES AND MARKETING OR GROWTH MANAGEMENT COMPANY.

Every year UK parliament discusses about birth and death rate of business in UK. Surprising enough this ratio has remained consistent since year 2000 till date between 81-83%. Every year we see that out of 100 business born, up to 83% business see the death. The main 4 reasons of these results are not because the entrepreneurs do not have a strong and demanding idea or concept, it’s not because that they have not opened their window for public but it’s because of 4 key elements of business success.
  • Because they are not aware of the ways to make a noise about brilliant offering
  • Because they lack or struggle to market there offering
  • Even if they manage to make the noise & market with help of other, they are not an sales expert and do not know how to sell
  • And last but not the least they do not know the ways to arrange the enough finances to for their business cashflow and finances just in time to survive the business venture and make it a success
  • Our modern edge digital marketplace isdesigned to bring all tradesman & professionals including all types of businesses & shops, charities and organisations large and small together with simple objectives:
    • To help them connect with other businesses
    • To help them grow sales locally
    • To help them network with other potential business
    • To help them meet at special events organised every month by FindUsOnWeb
    • To help them benefit local charities at our events
    • To help them promote products and services and increase turnover
    • To Help then with more savings and guaranteed Cashback on all the purchases
    • To share our annual profits and rewards for actively being involved as an advisor & ambassador of the company
    • To help them achieve their full potential

    We want to break the traditional approach of sales and growth management consultancy in turning the table around & work with our customers as a partner to bring guaranteed customers, guaranteed sales and guaranteed growth without charging any upfront money before generating a real revenue on a NO-WIN-NO-FEES model with a pre-agreed cost of sales basis.
    We wanted to change the way traditional agencies work and do not want to get engaged like a traditional supplier who is only bothered for his revenue or income rather we wanted to offer a long-term business partner approach of association who will walk the walk with them sharing the joy and happiness with then during the success journey at each and every step of their growth journey in short term, medium term and long term and help them achieve their full potential while achieving their business objectives and set business milestones.
    We didn’t want the bureaucracy, the revolving door of traditional consultants, and outrageous egos that we know drove many sales management houses. Instead, out priorities were fixed from the beginning on three things : doing great work, treating our employees and stakeholders well, and exceeding our client’s expectations.
    We never set out to be the biggest, most cutting edge, or hippest from out there, because good businesses aren’t about those things-
    it’s about delivering outstanding solutions that are sensible and that drive profit. What’s more. Talent isn’t found in European light fixture or expensive coffee : it’s found in amazing employees who truly believes in what they do, not just in their pay checks.
    What does our philosophy mean for you! It means you will get our best, no matter what your budget. It means you will always be able to reach someone who is working on your account when you pick up the phone. It will never sell you technology or solution that you don’t need. And it means we do what we promise.
    We are a unique provider of advertising and business growth management consultancy bringing you a one stop solution for all your advertising and promotional, sales and business growth needs along with both practical advice and business growth.

    Our digital marketplace is designed for supporting our inhouse business managers & our wider business community partners to support their B2B growth enabling businesses to excel at their growth targets & is one of the largest online marketplaces with a mission of helping the local business grow together while achieving their full potential.
    We are a local strategic growth partner and trusted brand architect for business like yours. Our online marketplace focuses on providing a platform to SMEs, large enterprises as well as individuals members of our business community providing more than fifty-three very useful business features in one place including but not limited to giving you the names, addresses and telephone numbers of over thousands of businesses at your fingertips along with a full end to end growth management functionality at the tip of your toes..

    You can search by classification or by location or by product or services for companies matching the type of business you need, or you can look for details of a specific company by searching for a company name
    Our promotional services include free and paid adverts in both the digital as well as the print media. We help people finding great businesses locally promoted through a variety of our advertising &promotional streams locally.
    We help you bring more clients, increase your sales and help you grow your business. We increase your online presence and enhancing visibility. We increase the awareness of your business in the local market. We help the community find the right business near them by searching for a company, searching for your product or services and bring the key business information at the tip of their toes.

    We are investing in the local community to help the local business grow together. We enable businesses List, Advertise, Market, Promote, assess business goal, Connect, Network, Exhibit, Generate Leads, Sell, Grow, Achieve, Expand and PR actively with our local, national and international business community. We act as a catalyst to help you meet your business growth targets.
    We are an advertising and business growth management consultancy bringing one of the largest growing alternate digital marketplace for the benefit of local businesses connecting various countries, regions and territories. We provide a one stop solution for all your Advertising and promotional needs along with both practical advice and business growth.
    We are a provider of digital market for B2B growth with one of the largest online marketplace & a mission of helping the local business grow together. We are a local strategic growth partner and trusted brand architect a business like yours. We aim to take the stress out of finding great local businesses and promote them through a variety of marketing streams

    • Through our marketplaces, businesses can do work in any specialised areas such as plumbing, electrician work, software development, writing, data entry, Accountants, Events and exhibition, engineering, the sciences, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services or any other business p roviding products and services to local community.
    • Find us on Web is a unique gathering point for the community and great local businesses together and provide a helping hand, get access to the best offers from those businesses. our passion is to see them grow and prosper for the businesses and people within. With our endless energy, professional expertise
    • We offer the ability to search over the classifications for companies matching the type of business you need, or find the right business near you by searching for a company name.

      A revolutionary way for complete piece of mind

    Find us on Web is created by engineers & entrepreneurs, all passionate about growing the exclusive network of the local business providers. The idea of Find us on web was brought into existence in September 2013 with a view to connect the local businesses together and provider helping hand be bringing local and SME businesses together on a single platform and help them generate revenue and provide business growth business by means of providing Essential Business needs for most of SMEs & start-ups such as Free Advertising, Free Promotion, Enhancing Visibility, Increasing Credibility, Providing a digital market place to help others providing their services with a view to help and grow together in the local business community.

     Our Mission is to

    1. Increase your online presence
    2. Enhancing your visibility
    3. Raise the profile of local business
    4. Improve your business Listing and
    5. Iix the broken links for all your promotional needs

    We also offer an alternate way for connecting buyers and sellers along with a wide range of digital products to businesses of all sizes, small, medium or large.
    Our aim is to connect the people & help them accomplish their job with respective professionals. We aim to help them accomplish the most important projects in their lives. One of our key mission is to facilitate the easiest and fastest way to hire the right professional to get the job done with complete piece of mind with the help of our digital marketplace.
    We are dedicated to supporting businesses in the UK and helping them to grow, survive and prosper.
    We provide an online business and review directory, displaying business and review data & help consumers search for a service, business, contact them, or read and leave feedback if they have used their products or services. We are made up of a few dozen introverts, extroverts, right brains, and left brains, all working hard to make products people love to use. Our in-house support staff sits on the front lines, helping members solve problems and make the most of their accounts.
    Our marketing and user-experience designers are constantly innovating, collaborating, and fixing things. And behind the scenes, we’ve got planners and business analysts keeping the wheels turning.

     So, what are we all about?

    Our aim is to become the best place for consumers and suppliers to connect, collaborate, and get their work done with a complete piece of mind.
    Our online channel focuses on providing a platform to SMEs, large enterprises as well as individuals proving many features including but not limited to gives you the names, addresses and telephone numbers of over thousands of businesses at your fingertips.
    You can search by classification or by Location , product or services for companies matching the type of business you need, or you can look for details of a specific company by searching for a company name. We are passionate about customer service. If you are a consumer, we want you to visit and have a useful experience. If you are a business owner, we want to you to be happy with the service we are providing and know that we are here to help

     Our Offerings

    Our services include free and paid adverts in both the Digital as well as the print media.

      We offer

    We are also here to help shine a light on most hardworking traders and small businesses. Reviews is a great way to do that and with strict human moderation and comment verification, consumers can be confident that reviews are genuine and not fake. Why not reviews are a great way.?

     Fun way to spread the word

    We also host a business forum. It is 100% free to use & join and any business owner who has a listing with us can log-in to the forum using his listing email and password.

    The forum is a discussion platform, professionally moderated and kept spam free. It is full of useful information about general marketing and advertising, SEO, social media, bookkeeping and health and safety advice.

      Share your voice functionality

    This whole website has evolved and grown since we started building the functionality in September 2013. We also start taking all comments, criticism or ideas seriously from site users After we went live in April 2016.

    If you have an idea or think we've got something wrong, tell us!

     Charities and good causes

    We avidly support charities and good causes, so if you represent a charity or non-profit organisation, then please contact us for a courtesy listing. A courtesy listing will give you all the benefits of a full listing. You can see all the details here: listing options

    We are investing in the local community to help the local business grow together. We act as a catalyst to help you meet your business growth targets

    Contact us at info@findusonweb.com for a discussion without obligation or Call us on 08001123765 Or visit at www.findusonweb.com