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Earn £52K+ Part-Time As A SNG Franchisee AND Run Your Own Business!

Designed to offer a business and a lifestyle opportunity to people who are looking for a simple, proven, affordable, and compact business opportunity

Business of your Dreams - An excellent business opportunity

What makes SNG an excellent franchise partner? SNG offers you an opportunity to grow your business unlike any other company.

Run a monthly "Speed Networking Group" event if you would like to establish another revenue stream, would like to play a significant role within your local business community, and would like to establish and manage long-lasting business relationships.

Join forces for growth and build your future today

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Discover How You Can Join Our Nationwide Network And Launch Your Own Business Networking Venture and Earn up to £70K a Year

Hello and welcome to the SNG Franchise, possibly the best part-time or full-time business opportunity available right now in the UK today.


Help other local businesses grow by starting your own Business networking alongside your existing business and earn up to £70k a year. By partnering with us, you will get a strong and unique opportunity to grow your core business, profile, network and reputation locally.

You'll also be able to run up to two business expos in your patch every 6 months locally as well as make a sustainable income every year from national events. Our franchise option is designed to sit alongside the running of your existing business and boost your business while helping local businesses in your area to connect, network and grow.
Why This Franchise  
A franchise opportunity to become the executive director of one of the best business networking clubs in the UK
Join UK's most innovative and exceptional business networking franchise opportunity this year and embark on a rewarding career journey. Get a better understanding of how our business networking club operates and find out more information about our meetings by reaching out to us.
THERE ARE ONLY 52 TERRITORIES, SO MAKE SURE YOU SECURE YOUR AREA TODAY, Join our award-winning franchise from as little as £1,500!

SNG is a venture of a well-established company with a rapidly growing client base.

SNG was founded by the Top Business Growth and the Lead generation consultant and he runs the company today – as well as his own hugely successful territory. We help people distribute their assets according to their wishes by aligning with the perfect Business Growth strategy and Lead generation for their circumstances and preparing other business growth plans in alignment with our tools and events.

In 2020, SNG had 400% growth!

High-Quality OPT-IN LEADS are available from the START! This is driven by our successful income-generating software platform the SNG Earn up to £70,000 a year running your own Business Networking show following our successful and proven formulas.

Since we launched in 2018, we’ve been running business shows across UK and we quickly developed a tried and tested formula for running successful and well-attended exhibitions.

Our franchise packages are designed to help you set up your own event quickly and efficiently, whether you’re looking to run it full-time as a business or perhaps part-time running alongside your own established business.

With franchise packages starting from as little as £1,500+VAT, not only are we possibly the best business opportunity, but we’re probably also one of the most valuable, yet low-cost franchises too.

If you would like details on how you can launch and organise your own business networking show, in your chosen town or city, please complete the enquiry form and one of our team will send you all the information and arrange a call with you.

Call us on 02380 970305(we are open 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday)
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Unique Business Networking - Franchise Opportunities

Having a Passion for People is not for everyone, however if you do possess this trait then you may have found the perfect opportunity. As a result of our success and over three years of running these wonderful networking groups, we are glad to offer other business people the opportunity to make a difference and run their own group
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Comprehensive Training, Support and Launch Programme
You can count on us for support. SNG offers a complete set of resources and support to help you succeed in every aspect of your business when you join from setup to launch:
- Networking training
- Membership training
- Event Dashboard training
- Sales & marketing training
- Financial and admin training
We will assist you in ensuring success of your business by providing ongoing monthly mentoring.

What's in our Franchise Kit?

  • The ideal candidate for SNG franchise ownership
  • The timeline to launch your own SNG Group
  • Location selection and territory qualifications
  • Training and support
  • Franchise cost and financial information
  • SNG Dashboard (Client Management System)
  • Operations Manual - 'The SNG Way'
  • Induction & Training Seminar

  • 30 Day Kick Start Training
  • Quick Start Guide
  • SNG Brand Guide
  • Stationery Starter Pack
  • Marketing Pack Online
  • Schedule & Timetable
  • Franchisee Support Team
  • Exclusive Territory


Discover what our franchise say about us
What does being a Franchise Partner mean to me? Well, first thing, nobody can ever fire me. Secondly, I set my own upper level of how successful I want to be, how much money I want to make, and what kind of stability I can provide for my family. That's what it's all about.


There is so much potential with this business. The industry is so fragmented and we provide a level of service that others don’t. It’s also very gratifying to be in charge of your own future. At corporate jobs, they restructure to benefit the higher-ups without thinking about the employee. As a franchise owner, I never have to worry about that again.

Rachel Jacomb - Geecon UK Limited

If you're looking to start your own business but don't want to spend a lot or take out a loan, this is by far the best opportunity. The concept is smart, simple and scalable.

Nagendra Mishra - Visualytes

I’m able to schedule my time around my family. I’m able to pick up from school. I’m a working mom, but a working mom that still gets to have time with her kids. For me, that's what living the dream looks like.

Charmain McCray - Miscion Limited

What I would say to someone considering being a franchise partner is, this is absolutely the right way to tackle this sector right now. So far this franchise have been great. We're at the early stage but in terms of the support that's there, it's been first class. The really interesting thing about partnering with this franchise is that you get access to all of the different brands. It works better for a broader range of business, but also it appeals to a broad range of industries.

Kevin & Sara Abel - Zebra Creative

The purpose and values really matter. Finally...a company that I can do good [with] and make money at the same time.

Sahil Jitesh - Great Bot Limited

There's multiple reasons I chose this franchise. I wanted to have a business that provided me a lifestyle, not a job, a business that provided me time with my family.

Anton Oliver - Headsmart Marketing Academy

Organize Your Own Networking Events - Franchise and Other Opportunities

Are you building the business of your dreams, but unsure of the next step forward or looking for a step-up program for increased business growth?

Speed Networking Group empowers you with the chance to start one or more business networking clubs in your area through the power of referral marketing and the Speed Networking model by following its proven business model and unique, robust online tools, alongside your existing business. We have no hesitation to say that every member of our community is treated like an extended family member and proudly forms part of our team

Organize Your Own Networking Events - Franchise and Other Opportunities

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